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Research & Planning

Enseer's research and planning division consists of teams that specialise in taking a fully developed concept and turning it into a set of detailed plans and procedures - ready to be actioned.

This Enseer service is made up of contracted personnel and companies with specialised abilities and resources relating to: Research, Development, Design and Planning; to produce viable plans and operation procedures for our clients. (Whether it is a plan to market a product, develop property, manufacture a chemical compound, or to implement change within a corporation’s social culture, etc.)

The resources contracted and supervised by this division of Enseer come under five main categories:

• Research
• Development
• Design
• Plan Drawing
• Project Planning

Once the conceptual design stage has been completed, this division's work begins. It starts by examining all the practical options available. This includes evaluating the best elements[1] and procedures required to form the optimum design and plan for constructing or producing the finished product or outcome.

Whenever possible, the original concept creator (or a leading member from the concept creation and development team) is involved in each of the planning stages, in order to ensure that none of the concept’s original objectives are lost in any way during the planning stages.

Where necessary, we outsource the appropriate research and development required, and oversee any untried formula or item through the prototype stage. In all cases we make certain that the criteria set by the client is upheld.

We ensure that all components are appropriate, and that all necessary tests and trials have been successfully completed, before drawing up the final step-by-step plan and budget.

This division’s work ends when the finished plan and detailed instructions for its implementation are handed over to the client – ready to be deployed.

[1] Components, ingredients, parts, factors, items, etc.