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Project Implementation

This Enseer division builds stuff. Enseer’s part is to always form the most efficient project implementation teams to deliver the optimum service, for any given number of planned tasks.

It coordinates a pool of contracted Developers, Project Managers, and Contractors, who have the resources and professional abilities to organise, implement and complete planned undertakings on behalf of our clients. Also this division is a ‘Developers and Contractors Agency’, which brings together: Developers, Project Managers, and Contractors.

This division’s work begins when the finished plans and detailed instructions for its implementation are in the hands of the client – ready to be deployed.

However, many clients of this division are:
Developers (looking for Project Managers and Contractors)
Project Managers (looking for Developers and Contractors)
Contractors (looking for Developers and Project Managers)

Developers – being anyone who has a fully developed plan and the available finance to put that plan into effect.
Project Managers – being those who have the hands-on (or hands-off) management skills to organise and co-ordinate contractors, workers and equipment to get a given job done within a designated time and budget.
Contractors – being those who have the experienced workers and equipment to carry out a given job.

If you are a Developer, we are able to:

Source the most suitably experienced project management personnel to co-ordinate the appropriate contractors and resources required to implement plans and complete your projects.

If you are a Project Manager, we are able to:

• Represent you to Developers who would most appreciate and benefit from your particular skills and experience.
• Source the Contractors who have the appropriate personnel, the required resources, and experience to work under you.

If you are a Contractor, we are able to:

Represent you to Project Managers who require contractors with your type of plant, equipment and staff, along with your skills and experience.

Through this division Enseer is working towards one of its main goals, which is to have a large portfolio of diverse individuals and companies at its disposal, so that it can be of service to anyone, doing anything, at any given time, in any given place.