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Enseer’s Mission

Enseer’s mission is to be the most ethical, efficient and effective provider of enterprise development services that accelerate growth and profit;
Leading its clients to safely achieve their goals for the least amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, in a way that will give them the best position in the market, with the most options to be able to progress in the future.

Enseer’s Service Drive

To have it said of our work teams:
“Never has so much
been achieved by so few people”
“Never has so much
been achieved for so little money”
“Never has so much
been achieved so quickly”
“Never has so much
been achieved so successfully”
. . . within the highest moral and ethical business practices.

Enseer’s Dimensions

We operate from one contact office.
We have:
3 principals;
14 executive members;
110 remote, on-call professionals.

Resources within our Group

Enseer's resources and facilities are provided by over 300 ‘Venture Associates’ within our Group. All of whom are separate entities in their own right, who are only brought into Enseer activities as required. They include: individuals, businesses, international companies and corporations (and often their extended networks).

Resources outside our Group

We contract additional resources from outside our Group to work in our client’s projects:
1. Whenever we have no one within our group that has resources and facilities required
2. Or whenever their services are superior to those able to be found within our Group – as our first loyalty is to our clients.

On average we accept 2-3 major new clients per year (depending on the size of their projects and our current workload).

Our policy of:

• Being very selective as to which jobs we accept
• Keeping the number of jobs to a minimum
is of direct benefit to our clients, who can be assured of direct involvement from the executive principals:
Arthur Cunningham, Darren Hart and Mark Feitsma.

Over 60% percent of our clients renew their relationship with Enseer to become one of our Venture Associates – using Enseer as a means of making their own services available to others.


Due to our highly inclusive approach to acquiring both clients and Venture Associates, the identities of our Venture Associates and our clients remain highly confidential, with them only being brought into confidence on a need to know basis, enabling us to serve direct competitors in the same market.

Enseer's Chief Considerations


To become the preferred provider in our area of business and to be recommended by our clients, by:

Being competitive

by being cheaper and faster than our competitors while maintaining utmost quality and effectiveness.

Providing personalised service

by being flexible and offering a diverse range of services.

Superior HR standards

by maintaining a pool of the best resources the world has to offer.

Service quality

by maintaining the practicality and effectiveness of Enseer’s services and providing competent advice, support and back-up services.

Being innovative

by consistently creating new and improved methods, and seeking new talent and expertise.

by seeking and choosing a wide variety of jobs in different industries, in different regions and cultures.

Staying on the leading edge

by regularly and consistently updating and improving the tools and services we offer to our clients.


by ensuring the quality and integrity of our work ethic and services, and meeting designated deadlines, with confidentiality assurance.

Client satisfaction

by a clear system of accountability and a set of values and policies that guide our behaviour and protect our clients.

Client involvement

by clearly assessing the requirements of the client from the very onset of the project and including the client in decision making processes.


by taking ownership and responsibility of the project until completion.

Promoting growth and profits

by identifying, creating and engaging opportunities for our clients.

by resolving any problems that hinder growth or money making.

by acting as a link between our clients and the resources they need for growth.

Providing competitive financial services

by utilising our experience and connections in international finance.


To operate in a way that is cost-effective, client orientated, innovative, flexible, responsive and practical and to continue the development of Enseer as a successful and internationally competitive venture, by:

Maintaining the flexibility and diversity of Enseer as an organisation

by promoting interactivity and communication between our ten service segments.

by not adding or removing any component that will interfere with the complementary working interaction of Enseer’s service segments.

by always responding to change by pursuing greater things for a greater number of people.

Building and maintaining relationships

by operating our services in such a way that our staff, clients and associates enjoy working with Enseer.

by maintaining and expanding our network of business connections.

Protecting the best interests of Enseer, its clients and our associates

by a clear system of accountability and a set of values and policies that guide our behaviour and protect our relationships with our associates and clients.

by operating on the principles of confidentiality, time-management and performance.

Cost efficiency

by maintaining a small management team that oversees a large pool of “on-call” contracted personnel and companies.


To maintain the high quality and standards of the personnel we offer to our clients, by:

Having in-house specialists

by enlisting the full-time, or retained services of certified personnel and specialists that meet Enseer’s work ethic and culture criteria.

Selectively increasing the size of our HR service pool

by a clear set of values and policies that match our selection of HR to our clients’ activities and requirements.

Selectively diversifying our HR service pool

by increasing the size of our HR service pool and its scope by selecting new members that widen Enseer’s skill base.

Staying on the leading edge

by employing people who work and excel in new and emerging areas of science, technology and business.


To use Enseer’s resources as a means of assisting social stability by:

Stimulating economic growth

by fostering the growth of businesses in underdeveloped regions.

by fostering the growth of small and medium sized businesses.

Improving financial security for individuals

by assisting in the development of educational programs that link business prosperity with business ethics.

Being an example

by uplifting the profile of ethical business practices amongst our network of business connections.


To support charitable organisations that uplift humanity or advance the planet as a whole, by:

Providing expertise

by assisting in fundraising.

by setting them up with cash generating businesses.

by assisting in logistics and planning.

by advocating their cause.

The Shape of Enseer

Essentially Enseer shapes itself so that it can help you to:
• Recognise what is enterprising, and what is not – by clearly identifying what will promote growth and profit in your current and potential markets
• Invent new opportunities – by creating innovative initiatives that will expand the prospects of your enterprise
• Increase the efficiency and progress of your enterprise – by implementing practices that ensure your activities more effectively achieve your strategic objectives
• Resolve problems – by rectifying any process or conduct that hinders your enterprise from reaching its optimum performance
• Develop structures and systems that will improve your operation – by organising the appropriate resources to ensure your products and services are more available and more valuable; now and in the future.

This ensures that all our services are the most suitable to achieve every aspect of any of our client’s projects.