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Problem Solving

This service comprises of Enseer’s problem solving specialists, contracted personnel, and businesses with the experience, resources and operational capabilities to conduct the analytical and creative processes required to create and implement innovative solutions for the problems that our clients encounter.

Our services are determined by our client’s needs and expectations. With Enseer, there is not one blanket cure for everyone. Your case will be treated individually to meet the specific needs of your situation.

Instead of pigeonholing problems, we look for ways to create the desired evolution within the framework of available opportunities.

Enseer Problem Solvers use unrestrained brainstorming and think tank sessions to produce new ideas – specifically created for your business.

The creative personnel in Enseer’s problem solving teams thrive on the challenge of creating solutions that advance our clients businesses, which exceed their expectations.

Enseer’s SFAsystem
(Solution Focused Activities)
Enseer has created a unique problem solving system called the SFAsystem, which is configured to suit each client’s particular need.

The SFAsystem has three main sequential phases:
1. Differential Analysis
2. Solution Implementation
3. Success Continuance.

SFA’s Differential Analysis:

• Uses an open probe method to gather all information relevant to the problem.
• Maps the problem’s terrain.
• Reveals unknown factors.
• Isolates the problem’s components, showing their path of progression and interactive relationships.
• Finds the cause of the problem.
• Provides the information required to make decisions.

From this information, coupled with the objectives of the client, we work out and create the optimum solution to the problem.

SFA's Solution Implementation:

• Formulates and plans the best implementation process.
• Organises the resources required to successfully implement the solution.
• Deploys the solution.

Enseer then carries out a post implementation analysis, to verify that the solution has effectively resolved the problem as intended – to the client’s satisfaction.

SFA's Success Continuance:

• Upgrades all failure avoidance mechanisms associated with the environment that hosted the problem.
• Integrates the solution’s ideals into the business’s management policy.
• And if required, or requested, conducts a holistic business culture analysis in order to expose any other similar tendencies or risks of failure.

Enseer then works with the client to help install any corrective habits or positive reinforcements that will promote optimal function and future-proof your organisation.

The procedures that Enseer uses to solve problems are as wide and as varied, as the problems we solve.

But there is one attribute that we believe is essential to have when building solutions, and that is ‘CREATIVE ABILITY’.

Of course, trying to solve a problem using creative ability alone is reckless in business.

On the other hand, having analysed all the relevant information and facts without having the creative ability to produce the solution, results in an inert state of despair – which is not a good condition to be in, no matter what the situation.

Enseer’s problem solving personnel are innovative individuals, who are experienced at leading and inspiring a team to work free of creative restraints, while staying within the defined boundaries of the facts, in order to create the optimum solution.

We are paid for our results – not our ideas. Therefore, we are highly focused on achieving significant and substantial improvements in your profitability, performance, direction and leadership.

We feel very much at home in anyone’s “Too Hard Basket”