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Private Banking

Our Private Banking division combines national and international financial institutions and experts in order to set up and manage accounts and proven financial instruments internationally on behalf of clients.

This division of Enseer is made up of contracted personnel and financial organisations who have the resources to build diverse financial structures in order to increase capital security and longevity for high net worth individuals and businesses.

Through this division Enseer establishes and manages on behalf of its clients:
• Foreign exchange accounts
• International investment portfolios
• International financial services
And, it also enables us to arrange commercial loans and international finance for our clients’ national ventures.

Financial Advantages
Through our access to international banks and financial institutions Enseer is able to secure a broad range of financial services, including:
• Private banking services
• Venture capital sources
• Back-to-back loan arrangements
• Multi-currency trading
• Investment accounts
• Low and high risk investment opportunities
• Short and long term investment portfolios
• Retirement funds
• Corporate wage and salary payment services
• Corporate and personal credit and debit cards
• Credit services
• Captive insurance
• Trust and estate investment
• International bank loans
• International financial advice
• Specialised financial services for charitable organisations.

Our chief objectives through this division are to make financial services available to clients, so that they can:
1. Build a strong financial base that is secure from shifts in exchange rates and currency fluctuations or re-valuations;
2. Gain access to funding that is not always available to finance national and international commercial ventures;
3. Maximise returns and wealth opportunities through direct access to high return investments and attractive loan rates offered by international banks and large multinational financial institutions.

In general, our lending and investment strategy is to focus on companies that have well-defined, predictable business models.


If Enseer becomes aware of any illegal money being entered into its services, or any irregular or suspicious transaction made by any of its clients, it is automatically reported to the relevant authorities, WITHOUT EXCEPTION!

Even though Enseer is completely confidential and private in all its business activities, please know that Enseer adheres to the highest ethics of business practice, and will not participate in, support, condone or hide criminal activity in any way.

Clients using these services, are required to give Enseer the right to complete a credit and/or criminal check on their background, with any national or international credit agency, or bureau of criminal investigation.

If we become aware that you have a criminal record relating to any illegal use or gain of money, or fraudulent financial activity, or are currently under investigation by any government or international authority, regarding any illegal or irregular financial activity, your accounts with us will be terminated immediately. (This is a precautionary measure that we use to stop the laundering of illegally gained funds through our international services.)

NB. If legally required, Enseer, or its associates, will comply with the legal demands of any duly warranted officer from any applicable jurisdiction, or criminal investigation bureau, requiring Enseer, or its associates, to disclose any authorised warrant request regarding any transaction or activity that any of its clients have made, or are in the process of making, or are intending to make through Enseer.