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IT Solutions

This division of Enseer is made up of contracted IT businesses and qualified personnel, who have the assets and operational skills required, to redefine and implement the viable IT solutions that perfectly match our client’s technology needs.

Enseer IT Solutions are founded upon the importance of suppling Information Technology that will advance our client’s enterprise by bettering their ability to make critical decisions based upon timely, relevant and accurate information.

Enseer IT takes a holistic approach to the practical application of IT into our client’s businesses. Rather than implementing IT “for IT’s sake”.

We ensure that any current or proposed IT solution meets the following criteria:
• The solution must align with the strategic objectives of the business
• It must “fit” operationally with defined optimised business process flows
• The solution must be scalable to foster the growth and expansion of the business rather than inhibit it
• Information must be relevant to the business. KPI’s (key performance indicators) are determined, either through recommendation, consultation or industry recognized standards, and the information systems must deliver on these
• Information access should be pervasive and transparent – ensuring that anyone who requires business information to make decisions or support business operations has ready access to that information.

Furthermore, our IT group can help to identify potential bottlenecks or weaknesses within the IT Operational support of any given business and thereafter make recommendations in terms of remedial actions to be performed in regards to the various facets of IT infrastructure and Systems Support, to ensure lower cost of ownership and long term stability of those systems.

As in the case of Research and Development, we outsource the required external expertise to ensure the successful delivery of any IT implementation or re-engineering work.
Our group is responsible for the identification of industry resources that are recognized as the world or market leaders in any given field of IT and take on the responsibility of establishing the “Project Charter” for the IT project and any Service Level Agreements for ongoing support and maintenance of the solution.

The IT group also works closely with other Enseer services to ensure that the impact of any changes are minimized in terms of business operations, to ensure that we preserve the “culture” of the whole organization. Where necessary we work alongside our other divisions to realign the “hearts and minds” of the client’s executive, line management and operational staff – to ensure the successful uptake of the IT Solution.

Where appropriate we also work with our client to re-vitalise the internal IT team or relationship with external providers to lift the level and standard of engagement with the customer’s information users. We do this in recognition of the fact that given the importance of IT to the organisation and often times the complex nature of the industry, these relationships are often strained and as such, service providers (both internal and external) often lose sight of the “service” component of their commitment.