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Our First 10,000 Days

Enseer is a modern and diverse group that has evolved since 2003. It was created out of a 25 year history, rich in experience, having its origin in three groups: ‘UniDex Venture Holdings’, ‘Shepherds & Shields’ and ‘UniDex-CCD’.

Pre-Enseer History

It all started back in 1978, managing foreign exchange and multi-currency accounts for international trading companies, which quickly led to the establishment of UniDex Venture Holdings, managing holding and venture accounts on behalf of high net worth individuals and companies from Europe and Asia.

By 1996 UniDex-CCD, which is a ‘Concept Creation and Development’ group, was formed in response to requests from Shepherds & Shields clients asking us to create and develop new and innovative businesses in the west, in which they could invest portions of their funds.

Enseer's Origins

Enseer is the sum total of 38 years of experience, vision, resources and connections:

Original Vision - Enseer was created by UniDex-CCD in 2003, with the express purpose of making our services available to a wider range of people and businesses, both inside and outside of Asia

Original Resources - Enseer has combined the purposes, principles, resources, clients and executive experience of the three existing groups: UniDex Venture Holdings, Shepherds and Shields, and UniDex-CCD

Original Connections - Enseer was built with the:
• Support of the main clients of UniDex-CCD
• Network of relationships we have developed over the last 38 years, ranging from small domestic players to multinational groups.

Enseer Today

We continue to service the existing private clients of UniDex Venture Holdings, Shepherds and Shields, and UniDex-CCD, while we begin to broaden our service and customer base to incorporate smaller and new business ventures in existing and new regions in the world.

. . . and Tomorrow

Enseer’s 25-year plan is to establish a corporate identity with a public profile in key regions around the world, in order to attract:
• New companies and personnel into its Group's ranks
• New clients in new regions of the world.

Our belief for the future. . .

The history of how Enseer came to be shows that our Group has never shirked from responding to change in pursuit of greater things for a greater number of people.

Due to our experience in international markets, with various corporations and high net worth individuals, we are well able to make significant improvements to small and medium size businesses and considerably accelerate their growth rate and profitability.

We believe the success of business today, in terms of profit made and people employed, is vital to raising the standard of living and contributing to the economic and social well-being of a country.

It is this spirit of enterprise, and our desire to make a difference, that led to Enseer’s establishment; and it is these attributes that continue to inspire Enseer’s growth.