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How can Enseer help my business be more enterprising?

• By helping its clients to clearly recognise what is profitable and what it is not, by clearly identifying the areas of opportunity that are available to them to promote their own growth and profit.
• By making enterprise opportunities far more achievable by identifying the client’s own resources and expertise and supplying any additional resources required to make their enterprise a success.
• By focusing on areas requiring trouble-shooting to resolve any problems that may hinder the client from realising the full potential of their business.

So, why is Enseer’s ‘Head Contact Centre’ in New Zealand?

Because Gisborne is our Founder’s (Mr Cunningham’s) favourite holiday destination; and New Zealand is his country of origin. To quote him, “New Zealand is the last sanctuary on earth – no terrorists, Ebola, snakes, etc. – just lush countryside, great beaches and abundance of fresh air.”

Are you a virtual company?

No we are not! But usually around our client’s projects, we build a Project Company (sometimes referred to as a Development Company) which is solely dedicated to our Client’s project. Each Project Company only exists for the duration of the project. It is usually owned by the Client, and the location or structure of the Project Company generally depends on the type of project to be undertaken.

Therefore, we are real people that come and talk face-to-face with you about what you require. We just use the Internet as a useful component in our business.

What are the boundaries or limitations of Enseer?

Theoretically, there shouldn’t be a project that is outside of our scope, because in every case we assemble the resources as a client's project requires. Therefore, no matter how big the project is, we just keep resourcing and assembling whatever it takes to complete that project.
However, from a practical and economic point of view, many fall into the category that we call “undesirable”. But try us... we have been known to decide to do a job simply because we like it.

How many new clients do you take on per year?

It depends on the size and duration of the projects, and the degree of our involvement, but on average we would look to take on 2 – 3 major new clients a year. However, sometimes we take none.

What regions of the world do you work in?

Because our venture associates are from all around the world, they give us the initial and potential entry points into most regions of the world.

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