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Customer Enquires

Welcome to ENSEER

If this is your first contact with us, welcome To ENSEER

Should ever you require our help or services, please send us a detailed email to our mailroom (details are on our Contact Page) briefly stating:
• What type of enterprise you have in mind
• What you would like us to do for you
• And any other information that you feel would be relevant to us gaining a brief understanding of your current position and desired undertaking
• As well as your full contact details.

How Enseer responds to a Client’s enquiry:

After receiving your email, Enseer personnel will contact you; and discuss further how best to service your particular needs and/or make an appointment to meet with you.

At the initial meeting we will discuss your aspirations with you, and provide you with a deeper understanding of the services that we can place in your hands.

If there is mutual desire for continuance, we will send a Project Assessor to scope the full requirements of your project with you.

Once we have ascertained that we can acquire the best personnel and resources to help you with your project, we then work with you to form the appropriate ‘commercial structure’ that will organise and mobilise whatever personnel and resources are required to successfully accomplish your project.

How we build our teams to best work for you

Each project team is custom built to meet the requirements of your project. Typically, Enseer works with you (and/or your staff) to select the most appropriate commercial structure, venture associates, personnel and resources for your project or venture.

Initially, this process can be led by an Enseer facilitator in conjunction with you, and your staff, and then as it progresses it is handed over to you. Or, if you wish, right from the very outset it can be led by you, with us facilitating and organising what you additionally require.

Typically, the project’s team members are selected as required from:
• Members of your staff – if applicable
• Enseer’s Venture Associates
• Our external pool of human resources.
All of whom are organised within a suitable commercial structure, that will oversee the deploying of resources as each task within the project demands.

The dynamics of our teams

An Enseer team usually comprises of: Young experts – who are full of energy and modern ideas, with qualifications in the latest practices; seasoned specialists and recently retired professionals – who are skilled in tried and proven methods, with years of experience in their specialised fields.
This dynamic mix of ‘Young Guns’ and ‘Old Hands’ working within an environment created by an Enseer Facilitator, working alongside you and/or your staff, ensures that you are able to capitalise from all aspects of our services – to achieve the ultimate success for your projects goals in the most effective and efficient manner.

So, if you feel that Enseer Group has what your enterprise requires to undertake its next project successfully, email us.

Please use our 'Contact Page' for your initial point of contact.