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Concept Creation & Development

This is Enseer's 'Lighthouse' or 'Bright Ideas' department. It consists of ‘Concept Engineering Teams’ that create new concepts, or complete the development of a client's initial or existing ideas.

This division of Enseer is made up of Enseer recognised personnel who have the type of mind that is able to create and develop marketable ‘Innovative Concepts’ that are beneficial to our clients and their services.

Enseer’s Concept Engineering Teams are made up of two types of personnel: ‘Creative Personnel’ and ‘Reality Personnel’.

The Creative Personnel are visionaries, who naturally take the lead during the ‘brain storming sessions’. While the Reality Personnel, with their more pragmatic approach, call for each aspect of a concept to be developed to the point where the concept as a whole can be fully evaluated, in order to establish its overall feasibility and viability.

Our criteria for every concept approved by Enseer, is that it must be:

1. Feasible – in that it is highly practical and workable.
2. Viable – in that it is financially achievable and either profitable or goal beneficial.

The ‘Concept Engineering’ services provided by Enseer are categorised into the following three types: Formation, Completion, and Combination.

Formation - starting with no existing ideas or concepts, we create totally new concepts from the ground up.

Completion - beginning with only a fraction of an idea, or an incomplete idea, we create the remainder of the idea to form a complete concept.

Combination - taking two or more complete concepts (or existing entities), we combine them in a way never thought of before, so as to create a completely new concept; e.g. glider + motor = aeroplane.

The creative initiatives for this division are either client or Enseer generated.

Client Generated - wherein the client supplies Enseer with either: the general idea, a defined requirement, or an end goal.
Enseer Generated - wherein our ‘Creation Team’ (or one of our Venture Associates) identifies a need, problem, or potential market; usually based on current economic forces, available technologies and/or market trends.

An Enseer ‘Concept Engineering Team Facilitator’ leads each team through the creation and development stages. Teams comprise of: Enseer personnel; client’s key personnel; and/or select experts from fields related to the concept under construction, in order to achieve maximum creative input and potential.

The combination of select team members, and Enseer’s unique concept creation and development processes, enables us to accommodate subjects that are as wide and as varied as are our client’s needs. However, in every case, completion is the objective of each concept engineered.

NOTE: This division forms the initial budget, based only on ‘ball park’ figures.

The full working budget is not finalised until the concept has gone through the ‘Research & Planning’ division, wherein each item or element is chosen, and thus the finished product is quantifiable.

Also, a perfect example of our concept engineering division’s work is how it created the ENSEER Group, with all its service divisions, and how all our Venture Associates operate interdependently of each other on modular levels to best serve each of our clients.

Enseer’s first order of action was to create itself