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At Enseer we are always on the lookout for qualified, experienced, motivated personnel who are seeking to become part of an exciting, dynamic organisation, which provides extensive opportunities for its people.

We are an enterprise with a diverse range of international customers, from individuals to large corporations. Our continual growth is dependent upon having innovative, customer driven people working for Enseer in their local area. Therefore we are constantly seeking human resources in different parts of the world.

We want the best available talent: people with ideas, passion, ambition and the ability to grasp and conquer the challenges we face in the various markets and regions where we currently operate, or seek to operate.

We believe our business should be competitive, successful and a force for good. Wherever we operate, we seek to conduct our business in a manner that is responsible, responsive and considerate of future generations.

In everything we do, we try to make a difference — to be part of constructive and innovative solutions to the world's growing needs for honest business practices.
We have an unshakable commitment to human progress. We believe our activities should generate benefits and opportunities, as well as be a source of positive influence. Therefore, people of the highest calibre are required to fuel and sustain Enseer’s growth.

So, who are we interested in having on our books?
We aim to attract and retain the best men and women regardless of background, age, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or career profession.

Enseer wants to be known not only as a company that hires the best talent available, based on each individual’s ability to do the job, but also as a company that hires good people, those with good personal and business ethics.

In this regard, we are taking real steps to develop a practical and sustainable organisation that has a truly global insight and perspective.

We welcome you, or your company, to be part of the equation that will help Enseer move one step closer to fulfilling these aspirations.

How to Apply to be listed on Enseer’s Books

We require your company e-Profile (in English), detailing the specific services and resources that your company has at its disposal.

If you are an individual we require:
Your e-CV. This must include:
• 3 to 5 page CV stating your: qualifications, experience, and an unambiguous account of what you “ACTUALLY” can do in a real job situation
• Five supporting references
• Contact details of two referees.

Your Status Report. This should be a 1 or 2 page document, detailing:
• What sort of commitment you can give to Enseer, ie: are you available for full-time, part-time or casual work
• What network of resources or associated industries do you have at your disposal
• The level of confidentiality that you require from Enseer
• How much notice do you need ie: what is your initial response time
• Your expected contract rate of payment (in US$); And anything else you consider would be of interest to us.

Both your e-CV and your Status Report must be submitted in English and in a logical format, so that we can quickly and easily gain a REALISTIC estimation of the degree of your capabilities.

Our recruitment system

If your application is successful, then your name will be listed on the Enseer Books.

When positions become available we typically look to our previous ‘Venture Associates’ and those people on our books, as our first pool of resource.

Upon Enseer acquiring a new job, we contact all relevant personnel on our books and interview prospective candidates. Those who are successful will then become our Venture Associates for that particular job.


Each position is either put out to tender, or is given a contract price.

Bonuses are paid to the Project Management Team and all the contracted and hired workers who are involved in projects that are finished ahead of time and exceed quality control standards.

You will receive payment upon completion of each stage (or as agreed), and a letter of reference at the completion of each project.

We genuinely appreciate good workers, and we look after our Venture Associates.

For a brief view of Enseer’s culture, check our Mode of Operation page. Full details regarding our tendering, contract and payment systems are made available to successful applicants.

So, if you feel that Enseer Group is something that you want to be a part of, email us.

Please see our Contact Page for your initial point of contact.