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Business Growth

This division of Enseer consists of specialists who are certified in Enseer’s CTRsystem (Compounding Target Recapitalisation system) who are qualified to implement our CTR Business Enterprise Programs.

CTRprograms are customised business models based on Enseer’s unique CTRsystem. They are tailor-made to directly assist a business to optimise its growth and income, and achieve its individual goals more quickly and easily.

Essentially, this division is a business development service that is able to assist new, struggling or successful businesses, or venture enterprises of large corporations achieve their short, medium and long-term goals without any external credit.


Enseer’s Compounding Target Recapitalisation system is a unique business growth and revenue generating system, created by Enseer’s Concept Creation & Development Division.

The CTRsystem is specifically designed to:
1. Upsize business operations (by increasing sales rates).
2. Increase revenue (by removing all debt out of the system).

The CTRsystem revolutionises the base ‘business model’ that a business operates on. It forces the business plan to be growth and income driven, and to be constantly updated in perfect sync with each step of the business’s ongoing progress.

It increases growth at an exponential rate WITHOUT the disadvantages caused by using external credit lines.

By its very nature CTR provides heads of departments with a healthy budget to fund their part of the business, and it makes company goals very clear to all levels of management – empowering them to make clear-cut operational decisions in ways that are directly beneficial to the business as a whole.

And, when used to build enterprise models wherein the employees are “Stake Holders” in the business, it creates a self-maintained “Go-Fast” attitude among the workers on the shop-floor.

CTRprograms for NEW businesses

When a CTRprogram is the business model in a new business, it takes the business quickly and safely through the period of vulnerability to full establishment.

CTR increases the owner/manager’s ability to see and think ahead, giving them greater ability to make successful decisions at every point.

It enables them to identify what will be advantageous, or disadvantageous, to the next stage of their business’s growth and development.

CTR develops real-world managerial skills in the field, rapidly increasing their business competencies and strategic planning skills in all areas of their business as it grows.

Also, when their business requires additional staff, the CTRsystem enables the manager to quickly bring them up to speed in the goal-orientated culture of the business, instantly making them effective contributors.

CTRprograms for Small or Medium size business

For small or medium size businesses, regardless of whether they are currently successful or not, the CTRsystem will greatly increase their market share and geographical expansion rate.

The CTRsystem operates within Enseer’s ‘Leader – Player – Leader’ model. Wherein, for example: CTR would take a small or medium sized business that is a player in its local area, and build it up to become the leader in that local area, as well as expanding its operations to become a player in its regional area. Then CTR would take this company on to become the leader in that regional area and a player within its nation, and then the leader in the nation and a player in international markets, and so on. . .

CTRprograms for Corporations and Larger businesses

For corporations and large businesses the CTRsystem maintains the existing business structure and culture, while its business model establishes new ventures as autonomous enterprises.

By running its new ventures as separate CTR entities that are accountable to, but largely autonomous from, their parent, corporations can make their new ventures self-funding, highly market responsive, entrepreneurial businesses in their own right – lowering their credit and risk exposure, while generating funds for the parent organisation.