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Benevolent Services

This division of Enseer designs, develops and customises community aid services on behalf of high net-worth individuals and business corporations, who desire to have their benevolent aspirations turned into effective services that benefit a community or target group.

The major advantage provided by Enseer through this division is that the donor is given the opportunity to have the executive controlling position, overseeing those who are managing the ‘community aid service’ that they fund – rather than giving their money to an organisation that may use it outside its intended purpose, and outside their control.

Clients are able to choose their level of involvement on a scale ranging from zero to ten.
For example:
• Zero, is on behalf of those who have bequeathed funds to be used for a specified purpose after their death
• One, being minimal involvement – e.g. only attending annual general meetings, major public events and guest of honour roles
• Ten, is for those who wish to have daily involvement – in that they have the time and interest, as well as the finance, to make their desired benevolent service to the community their chosen vocation.

For those wishing to remain anonymous, all levels of involvement are available and we take the measures required to ensure that the privacy of that individual is protected.

Enseer specialises in building pre-emptive programs, rather than remedial programs and from their very inception, through to their ongoing operation schedule, we constantly look for ways to make community aid organisations highly effective and self-funding.

Enseer’s priority is to ensure that all the services established or supported by a client meet the following criteria:
• All operations and financial management are transparent – and thus are made fully available to, and auditable by the donor/s
• The community aid objectives and solutions are realistic, and deliver the maximum impact to the crucial point of a targeted problem
• All operations at ground level are effective and efficient – in that they really do help people (or the targeted cause, e.g. endangered species, or the environment)
• Management personnel numbers are lean, while the interface with the community is rich, potent and fully supported by experienced personnel
• Achievements and results are independently monitored to give a true account of the services provided – ensuring that optimum performance is achieved.

In addition to our main line service of establishing new community aid programs on behalf of our clients, we also specialise in providing “know-how” to enable:
• Existing charities to better achieve their objectives
• Community spirited individuals to gain extra funds for their community aid ventures in order to provide more effective help for those in need.

Our favourite clients are those seeking genuine benevolent activities that allow them to have personal involvement – with public profile and tax advantage being only a side effect.