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Audit & Investigation

This division of Enseer contracts specialised organisations and personnel, who possess the resources and professional know-how required to carry out small, large, simple or complex audits and investigations into any organisation, corporation, business, authority or regulatory body or individual’s activities.

Through our access to international audit and investigation specialists, Enseer is able to offer a broad range of professional services designed to safeguard and enhance our client’s national or international interests and concerns.

Listed amongst our professional resources are: intelligence operatives, former law enforcement officers, financial and operation auditors, IT specialists, banking experts, intelligence and behavioural analysts, and highly experienced investigators and researchers; who specialise in the following:
• External or internal fraud
• Forensic accounting
• Breaches of security or confidentiality
• Misconduct of professional or public officers
• Industrial or corporate espionage
• Misappropriation of property or funds
• Counterfeit and patent or trademark infringements
• Computer and internet forensics
• Investigation into financial relationships, property and asset ownership
• Asset and finance tracing - identifying hidden assets and finance on a worldwide basis
• Surveillance
• Intelligence collection
• Analysis of documents
• Interviewing suspects or informants
• Litigation support
• Negotiation of suitable solutions.

Enseer’s audit and investigation services are tailor-made according to each individual client’s needs. Our method of building unique audit and investigation teams from a multitude of agencies ensures that the optimum experience, skills, methodologies and processes are employed in any of our audits and investigations.

By maintaining a diverse portfolio of international professional agencies, Enseer is able to form specialist teams of expert investigators to collect, analyse and evaluate the best possible evidence or intelligence, to be used within any designated country, language, culture or legal system.

Through our worldwide network we are able to provide comprehensive and discrete audit and investigations in commercial, public and private sectors; resulting in fully documented reports in a user-friendly format, affidavits and statements compiled to our client's instructions, to be used in virtually any country.

Enseer is able to provide these services (nationally or internationally) for virtually any company, corporation or organisation, government department, law firm, group or general counsel, public authority or regulatory body, or private individual; and Enseer has the expertise to work in conjunction with any jurisdictional authorities.

NB: We have had working associations with our major audit and investigation venture associates for over 35 years...