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Asset & Property Management

NOTE CAREFULLY: Enseer does not provide any means or assistance to anyone looking to evade or avoid any requirements of their government. In all cases, you will be required to produce proof that any asset or property that you are seeking Enseer to transfer or relocate is known to your local taxation department and/or relevant government authorities.

This division of Enseer is made up of contracted organisations and personnel who are able to customise company and trust structures to utilise the legal advantages and protection found within different dominions, in order to increase asset and property security for high net worth individuals and businesses.

The Asset and Property Management Division of Enseer is a service that utilises international business structures under the counsel of legal experts who set up and manage holdings internationally on behalf of clients.

Through this division Enseer establishes and manages on behalf of its clients:
• The sale or transfer of commercial or personal assets to international corporate and trust entities
• Asset and property holdings in foreign countries
• International legal services.

By utilising the legal advantages in well-chosen jurisdictions, Enseer is able to secure a broad range of international services.

Specialising in:
• Assigning the ownership of intellectual property, patents, trademarks and copyrights to an international corporate and trust structure
• Setting up international business asset and finance structures
• Auditing operational procedures and organisational structures of newly formed and established multinational companies
• Structuring international and national components for a company or corporation to gain advantage over their opposition
• Arranging the domicile and transfer of ownership of assets to commercially advantageous jurisdictions
• Transferring of titles and deeds within international jurisdictions
• Collecting and managing income from franchising and licensing of property rights worldwide
• Select appropriate international jurisdictions to provide the most advantageous and beneficial financial opportunities
• Establishing and managing international real estate portfolios
• Buying and/or selling: titles, deeds, intellectual property, patents, trademarks and copyrights, on behalf of clients
• Forming asset holding groups, mutual groups, corporate funds and mutual insurance
• Commercial asset protection
• Will and estate planning.

Enseer’s Asset and Property Management division provides services specific to each client’s needs. We take an informed and independent approach to making the decisions necessary to protect and maintain the value of each of our client’s wealth in real terms.