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About Enseer

What is Enseer?

We are an ‘Enterprise Group'
That specialise in business "Enterprise Development'.

What do we do?

We build business Enterprise Systems and Solutions.
We facilitate the: Concept Creation, Planning, Establishment and Management of Enterprise Activities on behalf of clients who are looking to develop new or greater enterprises.

Enseer Overview

Enseer is a relatively small international group that has a large network of international venture associates made up of a wide variety of independent professional people and businesses around the world. Our associates range from: individuals, small domestic players, and multinational groups, to our extended network of contractible personnel and resources that we keep on our books.
Together, they form a large resource of global expertise, assets and personnel, which is known as the ENSEER Group.

Enseer’s role

As the facilitator in the Group, Enseer’s role is to select, bring together and coordinate the multiple and diverse resources required to best accomplish each aspect of our client’s projects.

Enseer’s expertise

We are highly skilled in working with clients to develop the optimum enterprise solutions, that will deliver the maximum progress and financial advantage for their endeavours.

What will we do?

We will do “ANYTHING” – providing:
1. It is a project that we would like to be involved in
2. We can acquire the best personnel and resources to successfully complete the job
3. All aspects of the project are both: morally and legally sound.

Enseer services

Enseer divides it’s services into ten independent
but mutually supporting divisions.

• Concept Creation & Development
• Research & Planning
• Project Implementation
• Problem Solving
• Business Growth
• IT Solutions
• Audit & Investigation
• Asset & Property Management
• Private Banking
• Benevolent Services

A more detailed breakdown of each of Enseer’s divisions can be accessed via the links in our web pages.

By presenting our Group’s services in these ten divisions, we hope to equip you with some means to view the extent of the varied combinations of enterprise service solutions that we can form and place at your disposal.

To use an analogy of how we do things

In many ways the role that Enseer plays in Business Enterprise Development, parallels the role that a highly resourced “Function Planner & Coordinator” plays in arranging a wedding or special event on behalf of busy people.
In that they come to your place and find out exactly what you want and how you would like to have it happen.
Then, in consultation with you, they plan and organise the entire event on your behalf – sourcing and arranging whatever is required, eg: the food, music, flowers, decorations, tables and chairs, photography and video, invitation stationary, etc. all in a theme or style to suit your preference and requirements, all within your budget.
And, if you would like, they even source an experienced Event Manager for you, so that you can sit back with your guests and enjoy your day.

So it is with Enseer. Once we have ascertained what business enterprise services you require, Enseer forms, in conjunction with you, the appropriate business structure to bring together, deploy and coordinate the resources and personnel required to complete your project.
These business structures range from smaller short-term commercial units to larger international project companies and long-term enterprise joint ventures.
In the case of bigger projects it is not unusual for us to form multiple level business structures that contain numerous commercial units, project companies, and joint ventures.

The Power of Enseer

Enseer is powerful because of the great resources found in the:
• Number of venture associates & contractable personnel we are able to draw upon;
• Diversity of services that we are able to bring to a project;
• Range of commercial structures we are able to form globally.

This gives us the scope and flexibility to be able to perfectly match any given enterprise requirements of our clients.
... And, we have been successfully doing this since 1978.

These attributes form the collective power of Enseer.